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Dorleta Gonzalez

The Communication Skills Coach, Educator and Speaker

"The quality of your communication is equal to the quality of your business"

Presentation skills expert, award-winning speaker and executive communication consultant.

Hi! I'm Dorleta, a communication coach, educator and award-winner speaker who believes in the power of effective communication.

I am a Spanish lady with a rich background of multicultural experiences and an electronic engineering degree. What I'm truly passionate about is helping people communicate and present with confidence and effectiveness.

For over a decade now, I've been recognized as a world-class expert coach, consultant, trainer and international award-winning speaker in the field of communication. I work with global organizations to create strategic differentiation through expert communication, delivering presentations that influence and connect on an international level. My mission is to help medium to higher management effectively communicate their message, connect with employees, and influence customers.

I customize my training and coaching specifically for your needs so that you can master communication and presentation skills. Whether you're looking to improve in-person, online, or hybrid communication, I'm here to help you shine!

I would recommend Dorleta to everybody as a keynote speaker or moderator. Dorleta would be the first choice.

Peter Henrich, Managing Director at Uckert Technology Service GmbH and former CEO of Guwatec International Inc.

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Dorleta Gonzalez


Based in Germany

Working Worldwide

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