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Dorleta Gonzalez

The Corporate Trainer for Executives

" The quality of your communication is equal to the quality of your business "
Presentation skills expert, award-winning speaker and executive communication consultant.

Dorleta is a Spanish lady with many years of multicultural experience, an electronic engineer background and a communication skills expert.

Since 2009, Dorleta has been recognized as a world-class expert trainer, an international award-winning speaker, and a guru in communication skills in-person, online, and hybrid. She delivers her masterclasses and consultancy in communication creating strategic differentiation for global organizations. This includes presentations that influence, and connect at the international level. She helps medium to higher management to get across their message, connect with their employees and influence their customers.


Her training and coaching are customized and designed around your specific needs to master communication and presentation skills.

Master Classes &

Are you looking for the trainer in communication skills? Dorleta is a corporate trainer for trainers helping technical employees worldwide to provide powerful training classes and customer presentations. Dorleta is on the committee of the European Trainers Network, and she is an executive trainer. Creating interactive, effective and enjoyable training using the adult learning theory are some of the main keys to success that Dorleta uses to help you. 

Train the trainer

Having trained thousands of technical experts worldwide to help them to become professional trainers to deliver high-class customer training satisfaction, Dorleta can help you and your team find the magic key to developing from an expert to professional trainer. 2 days. Theory, hands-on and constructive feedback. Min 4 max 10 participants.

Preparing presentations

Most managers and leaders must deliver presentations to their teams, higher managers and customers. How to connect, influence, and get your point across are required skills to being successful. You will be able to learn how to plan, prepare, and perform to deliver a professional online or face-to-face presentation.  I will help you to master your communication skills and how to look and feel more confident doing it. 2 days. Theory, hands-on and constructive feedback. Min 4 max 10 participants.

International communication

We are living in an international corporate world. To be able to communicate, connect and work together we need to be able to understand how to communicate worldwide. Not everything fits everybody in every culture. Customers are lost, and employees are gone if we do not know how to connect with them. This training will give you the inside of international communication, how you can use it to your advantage and how little details can make big differences when communicating with your international team. 2 days. Theory, hands-on and constructive feedback. Min 4 max 10 participants.


“If you’re not serving the customer, your job is to be serving someone who is” – Jan Carlzon


Additional services you can book me:

Keynote speaker

After establishing your main underlying theme, we will create the right environment for the event and the participants. Dorleta will inspire, educate, and entertain your audience.

Master of ceremonies

Dorleta hosts conferences, gala dinners, and award ceremonies. She will help you to create your kind of atmosphere focusing on your event goals to have a smooth, fun, and professional event so you will not have to worry about it.

Panel moderator

It is not only about asking questions but also about creating a trusting, comfortable and friendly atmosphere to create an enjoyable event.  Dorleta can help you and the audience to get your needs met in the time allocated.


“A consultant to be worth his salt must give honest judgments not necessarily those which he thinks the clients would like to hear.” – Andrew Thomas 


Additional services you can book me:

One-on-one mentoring

Consulting is not the same as coaching. Dorleta will work with you based on what you want to achieve, she will tailor the coaching to your needs. Dorleta will share real-life working expert tips and tricks with  “how to” powerful examples and the secrets of public speaking for you to create your own unique but powerful style.

Let’s find out together where improvements can be made and you will feel more confident speaking in public. 


Do you want to find out what is missing in your teams? Do your leaders know how to motivate them, and gain their confidence and commitment? Are your trainers, employees or leaders in your company confident in their roles and can demonstrate this by the way they present themselves in meetings, or to customers? in-person, online, and hybrid?

Your company can't afford to have employees with poor communication skills. Get in touch to define a tailored program that will meet your company's needs.

I would recommend Dorleta to everybody as a keynote speaker or moderator. Dorleta would be the first choice.

Peter Henrich, Managing Director at Uckert Technology Service GmbH and former CEO of Guwatec International Inc.


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Dorleta Gonzalez


Based in Germany

Working Worldwide

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